Applying with Sage

How to export financial
documents from Sage

Please note : We are currently in a Liquidity Event and are therefore not accepting any new investors nor top ups from existing investors on our platform at present. Please refer to our Investor Terms for more information.

Making financing easier for companies using Sage

Finish your Growth Street application in 5 simple steps

Step 1

You can use Onion Reporting Software to export Sage data for free. Download Onion.

Step 2

Click Continue on Product License

Step 3

Choose Company (would usually connect automatically).

Fill out Logon name and Password.

Select Default Layout of Accounts for Chart of Accounts.

Press Connect to selected company.

Step 4

If necessary, tick Change reporting year.

Step 5

Press Create Onion Analysis in Excel.

That is it!

With your monthly Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets you have everything you need to finish your application.