• Business Insights

    How Growth Street protects itself from fraud

    For any financial services firm, fraud is an ongoing challenge. Our Head of Risk, Donal Vaughan, outlines the seriousness of fraud and gives tips on how you can reduce the risk of fraud on your business.

  • Product

    The investor marketplace: 2018 and beyond

    We continue to work hard to improve our investor product, in order to create a simpler and better experience for everyone. In this blog post, Growth Street's Head of Product, Greg Hinch, updates you on the critical improvements we've made to our ever-evolving lender marketplace.

  • Borrowing

    Your bank: the only option?

    Alternative finance can provide support when traditional forms are either too expensive or not easily available. But our survey suggested a reluctance among SMEs to go down alternative routes. We explore why this may be.

  • Product

    Makers make time to make

    A look at how 'maker time' works in the Growth Street engineering team!

  • Borrowing

    Exports: Untapped Potential

    Businesses could grow exploiting opportunities in new overseas markets. However, our survey suggests that UK SMEs are reluctant to start exporting. We take a look closer look at the demographics to find out why this may be.