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If someone told you that they would grow their company organically to turnover £1 million annually, by not implementing any marketing, or by selling off any equity, it might be hard to believe. Yet Simon Kallu, founder and managing partner of SRK Accounting has done just that.

Simon Kallu
Simon Kallu
SRK Accounting offices
SRK Accounting offices

Meeting us at his fashionable Soho headquarters, the former Thomas Cook and KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler) employee wasted no time, diving straight into a discussion on how he hopes to make an impact on his clients’ life, and not just utilise his skills filing their taxes.

Simon tells me: "My wife was struggling to get clear and timely communication from her accountant. I soon realised that she wasn't the only one in this situation, and I knew that there was something I could do to fix that." 

And he did. In 2011, through sheer determination, and his strong belief that growing businesses would appreciate his approach to accounting, Simon created SRK Accounting, consisting of eleven employees across two continents.

“We’re a small business and we want to help other small businesses grow. Just like Growth Street, we can see the bigger picture for both our clients and ourselves.”

Within the first ten minutes of meeting, it is obvious that Simon is a born business man with a clear plan. The son of an entrepreneurial father, Simon chose to go down the same ambitious path: “I never expected to do this all by myself, no matter how hard I tried. The support of my family allowed me to realise what I wanted to do. Crucial advice from my business mentor allowed me to operate my business efficiently. Literary pieces such as 1000 fans gave me much-needed inspiration, and Tony Robbins’ podcasts have given me the determination to continue with my journey. If you are running a business and you need help, find places and people who will support you. It will only strengthen you and your endeavours.”

SRK Accounting wins award for Small Practice of the Year 2016

Midway through our meeting, we veer off topic. Simon asks for my opinion on certain aspects of his marketing strategy, and I notice that he very rarely strays away from his goal to make SRK Accounting fulfil its true potential. Simon continues: “Why do people start up their own business? There are many reasons, and although each client is different, I knew that filing taxes would not change any of their lives, and I want all of my clients to reach their goals. We take pride in finding solutions for them, as they too are helping us to achieve our dream.”

His undeniable passion and strong work ethic are addictive, and something, he tells me, that he promotes heavily within the company. Simon is big on personal touches and developing long-lasting relationships with customers. Instead of forcing a one-size-fits-all product on every business, the relationship with their clientele comes at three stages, which a business can fit the criteria for at any part of their lives. By providing intimate accounting services that will suit most businesses, Simon believes that their personal approach has helped them to grow quickly: “Small businesses should be encouraged to grow without being treated as a cash opportunity, and we as accountants have a big part to play in this.”

Accountants can be a great source of help for businesses, but in recent years, it seems that technology has created a shift in how they consume these services.

Some accountants may be worried about the future of the industry, but you can tell Simon does not fit in that category, if anything he seems thrilled about the concept of it: “Automation is inevitable, but it is how we shape our career as an accountant throughout the transition that will define us. Some will not want to accept it, but it will happen with or without them.”

Discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the accounting sector, Simon genuinely sounds enthused for the future: “I envision the role of an accountant will transform into a consultant, how businesses can cut costs and grow. There will always be a need for someone to physically speak to business owners, and those clients will need us.”

It is easy to see why the business is in such a strong position in such a short period of time. Simon was recently invited to speak at the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) Conference to inspire others to embark on a journey similar to theirs. Adding to that, they recently won The Small Practice of the Year Award; but Simon reveals that this is only the beginning: “We are expanding our team, our clientele, and our services. We are only five years old, and there is no stopping us now that we have our foot in the door!”

Relaxed and with a smile on his face; as our meeting comes to an end, Simon tells me he is finally feeling a sense of achievement: “I wanted to have an impact on people’s lives, and what I was doing before wasn’t allowing me to do that. I finally feel as if I am making a difference through SRK Accounting, no matter how small the outcome.”

Although the business is in its early days, their clientele and turnover numbers prove that their goals are anything but small, and are well within their reach. 

SRK Accounting offices
SRK Accounting's offices
SRK Accounting/ We Work offices
We Work's offices (where SRK Accounting is situated)
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