Twitter insights on growing a diverse team

Upscale organised a rare visit to Twitter HQ (hidden away in a secret location in London) for those in tech who wanted to understand how to create a successful and diverse environment for any business. 

Our Head of Sales, Khalis Abul and Relationship Manager Matt Stephens were lucky enough to be invited and very excited to share with us what they learned. 

Highlights of the talk by Managing Director of Twitter UK Dara Nasr
Dara Nasr Twitter profile photo
Matt Stephens' visits Twitter

Transparency: Twitter supports transparency as it is the key to a healthy and open relationship between customers and the business. Twitter stressed that staff should be fully aware of the on-goings of the company. For example, information such as business gains and losses should be shared amongst employees. 

Hiring for cultural fit is crucial: Does a potential candidate fit the company’s ethics and environment? There are many ways to do this (see the next point.) This will put you in a better position, as most people can do the job, but judging a candidate’s compatibility with the company is a lot harder.

Rigid interview process: It’s not good to waste anyone’s time in the long run, so taking extra time at the interviewing stage to get to know candidates can give you a better chance of hiring the right person. Twitter recommends that at least two people should interview the candidate, either separately or together. Everyone sees people differently, so it’s a good indicator of a strong, potential candidate if all interviewers reach the same conclusion.  

Twitter stand ups: At the end of the week, gathering up your colleagues to hear what they did well, and what they struggled with is a great opportunity to better understand strengths and weaknesses in the team. You can see where you should invest everyone’s time improving, and to find out what is working. This helps everyone to reach a common goal together efficiently also

Team bonuses as opposed to individual bonuses: This can help to create a sense of teamwork to reach a common goal, and having a physical reward at the end really cements the mindset of a job well done through working together.

What interests someone on a non-work basis: Knowing your team on a personal level is just as important as knowing what they are able to do to benefit your business. This gives you a chance to dismantle that ‘boss’ wall, and build trust between you and your employee. It allows the employee to use extra energy that would be exerted on acting as their ‘work’ self on their job, which will increase productivity and create a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

Khalis and Matt both agreed that visiting Twitter was not only awesome, but valuable to them, and that the key principles Twitter holds is of great use to those in all businesses. 

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