We have the tools to fix your content

Using Facebook Creative’s recommended apps (available on all devices) you have the ability to create powerful imagery. Beautiful imagery makes your posts more likely to be noticed by your intended audience.

Below are the best apps for you to use to start building better creative content. 

Facebook photo editor
For stunning imagery
  • Layout – image layouts and patterns
  • Kaleido Lens – kaleidoscopic imagery
  • Panomaric iPhone setting – panoramic images to cut up into carousels
  • VSCO – photo editing
  • Afterlight – photo editing
  • Flixel – cinema graphs
  • SKRWT – photo adjustment & positioning
  • Over – text on images
  • Knockout – basic photo-shopping
For animated GIFS
  • Boomerang – great for short looping GIFS.
  • GifX – make gifs and add image effects
For inspiring Video
  • Hyperlapse – time lapse video (can also use iPhone setting)
  • Worm – slow motion
  • Vidlab – video editing, add text, create stop motions using images
  • Splice – video edits
  • SquarereadyV – make square videos
  • Looper – loop video

To compliment your creative posts, as a business you need to get the right people noticing your content. Hashtags give your posts the edge. Hashtags allow your content to appear in front of relevant communities. Here are the top three ways to make your hashtags matter. 

For powerful Hashtags
  • Be Specific. This will help you to connect with like-minded people. Be as specific as you can and you will be able to find people who enjoy your post more easily.
  • Be Relevant. This will gain you more followers as people with a genuine interest in your product will continue to interact with you long term. You want to make it as easy as possible for like-minded Instagrammers to find your content.
  • Be Observant. Discover hashtags that are performing well that are used by similar accounts, and on similar photos.
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