Kevin's investing story with Growth Street

Having spent many years living and working in Singapore, in 2015 Kevin decided to up sticks and move back to the UK to enjoy semi-retirement.

As a finance professional, he knew the importance of realigning his investment portfolio to suit his new circumstances. Initially, he decided against purchasing a home, instead choosing to build an investment strategy that would generate enough capital to purchase a house outright.

At the same time, being semi-retired, it was important that Kevin’s investment portfolio was supplementing the income from his part-time work. This would help prevent his everyday expenses from eating into his long-term savings.

Kevin already had investments in the stock market, property and investment funds, on top of his cash reserves. As such, he decided to explore peer-to-peer lending as a way of diversifying his portfolio. Alongside being able to provide a regular income and decent return, he was comfortable that it met his risk appetite.

After trying out various peer-to-peer lending providers, Kevin came across Growth Street.

What was it that initially made you choose Growth Street?

There are two key features of Growth Street that stood out to me. First and foremost is access. When it comes time to purchase a home, I need to be confident that I’ll be able to withdraw my investments and have the cash ready to make the purchase. Some P2P lenders require you to wait for other investors to purchase your loans before you can get your money back, and this is not a risk I am any longer prepared to take.

Growth Street’s model, on the other hand, is built on 30 day loans. They’re short term, and, while I understand there’s not an absolute guarantee I will be able to access my money in that time, I am confident that I will.*

The second reason is simplicity. At Growth Street, I like that they offer investors just one straightforward product with one rate and you can easily work out what interest to expect. It’s useful, too, that your money is automatically invested into loans selected by Growth Street. Some P2P providers expect you to choose the loans yourself and trawl through reams of data and due diligence information. But not everyone is a credit expert and feels comfortable deciding which businesses are worth lending to.

How’s investing with Growth Street been going so far?

It’s been fantastic. The website is easy to use and my investment has performed as expected.

What really stood out was meeting the team at two of the Growth Street investor events. This is a new sector and what really matters is the people behind it. It was extremely valuable to visit their office and see that this is a real company run by real people. It gave me confidence that this firm is a serious business and that I can trust them with my money.


(Your capital is at risk when you lend to businesses. Lending through Growth Street Exchange Ltd is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.)

*In normal market conditions

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