Balancing the gender gap in software engineering

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This year, we’ve made it a priority to address the gender imbalance in the make-up of Growth Street’s engineering team. As a culturally diverse team already, we know the value that wider representation can bring, with research showing that diverse teams are more likely to be profitable, create value and be innovative.

We're not going to achieve this by setting hiring quotas. Instead, we will be actively targeting more high-calibre female and non-binary applicants to our open roles. With this in mind, we will be attending the Wonder Women Tech London International Conference on 8th June. The team is excited to discuss why Growth Street is a great place to work and listen to ideas on how we can attract and retain the best talent.

At Growth Street, we celebrate diversity. What’s more, to truly achieve our vision of ‘giving small and medium sized businesses the tools to grow’, we need to build a company that reflects the diversity of those businesses. The engineering team is no exception.

Building a gender diverse team in what is a male-dominated industry won’t be a simple task – the most recent StackOverflow developer survey shows that over 90% of 70,000 professional developers report their gender as male. Clearly only passive acknowledgement of this challenge won’t be enough.

In the Growth Street software engineering team, hiring great people is the most important thing that we do. As engineers, it’s our job to ensure that the growth of the team is treated with just as much respect and consideration as the code we write.

Day-to-day, we invest most of our time in designing and building secure, extensible and performant web-applications to support the requirements of an ambitious business. We think carefully about how the applications we construct will evolve and scale to meet the future demands of our customers. We learn about and adopt modern software development methodologies that will make us more efficient engineers. Our build-test-deploy-monitor development cycle helps us deliver new features to customers quickly and regularly.

Yet if we don't also consider hiring as a first class citizen, then all this effort could end up being wasted. We’re looking forward to interviewing more excellent candidates this year. If you’re interested in speaking to us, our open technology roles can be found here. Alternatively, let us know if you’ll be attending the Wonder Women Tech London International Conference – we’d love to meet you!

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