Earn up to 5.3% per annum*

*Assumes that all principal and interest earned is reinvested for a year, and that you are matched to borrowers throughout that time.

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Please note : We are currently in a Liquidity Event and are therefore not accepting any new investors nor top ups from existing investors on our platform at present. Please refer to our Investor Terms for more information.

Investing with us

Growth Street’s marketplace aims to provide you with a simple way to potentially earn a decent return. You can lend any amount from £10.

What is the rate?

Right now, investors can earn up to 5.3% on their investments. This rate assumes that you keep your money invested for a year, reinvest interest, and are matched to a borrower throughout that time.

Investing through Growth Street is completely free of fees.


Assumes that all principal and interest earned is reinvested for a year, and that you are matched to borrowers throughout that time.


Like most investments, when investing with Growth Street there is a risk you could lose some or all of the capital you invest. However, protecting your investment is a top priority for Growth Street, and we have a number of safeguards in place to help us do just that.

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The Loan Loss Provision we offer does not give you a right to a payment so you may not receive a pay-out even if you suffer loss. The fund has absolute discretion as to the amount that may be paid, including making no payment at all. Therefore, investors should not rely on possible pay-outs from the Loan Loss Provision when considering whether or how much to invest. You can read our Loan Loss Provision Policy here.

How fast can I access my money?

All Growth Street loans are 30 days in length. This means that, subject to borrower repayments, investors should have to wait a maximum of 30 days from giving notice to access all the money they have invested.

Borrowers are free to repay at any time, so in many cases loans may be repaid before the end of the 30-day period.

There are two scenarios where an investor's money may not be accessible within 30 days:

Resolution Event

If our Loan Loss Provision ('LLP') becomes depleted, all borrower payments will be collected by the LLP and distributed pro rata amongst investors. This will result in it taking longer than expected for investors to get their money back, but ensures the risk of borrower default is shared amongst all investors on the platform fairly. You can read more about this on our Protection page.

Liquidity Event

If at any stage there are not enough funds on the platform to fund drawdown requests and/or rollovers (we call this a 'Liquidity Event') – please see the Investor Terms for further information.

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30 days

Subject to borrower repayment. All Growth Street loans are a maximum of 30 days in length.

Who am I investing in?

Through the Growth Street platform, you’ll be lending to UK businesses. Using funds lent out by investors through our marketplace, we offer these businesses a line of credit that’s designed to assist with their growing working capital needs.

Every Growth Street borrower will have passed our rigorous underwriting processes and will often be using their GrowthLines to grow. This includes hiring more staff, buying more supplies, and investing in marketing and sales.

Each Growth Street borrower is required to provide regular, direct access to in-depth business and financial data, both at the time of application and continually throughout the time they have a GrowthLine. This data includes management reports, bank activity, and in many cases direct access to cloud accounting data. Growth Street will only allow borrowers to draw down funds if, using the latest data available, the financial requirements in their agreement are still being met.

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