Access to your money

Access to your money

All loans with Growth Street are 30 days in length. When you want to withdraw funds, you simply notify us to stop reinvesting your capital in the marketplace. As borrowers repay, all of your invested capital will be repaid into your holding account ready for you to withdraw.

Depending on when you stop reinvesting, you will often be able to access your funds quicker than 30 days. For example, an investor could have made a 30-day loan to a borrower on 1st October, which would therefore mature on 31st October. If that investor stopped reinvesting their money on 20th October, they should have access to all their funds when their loan matures, just 11 days later on 31st October.

Further, borrowers are free to repay loans at any time within the 30-day period, so investors can receive their funds before the maturity date of their loans. Following on with the example above, if the borrower repaid their loan in full on 25th October, the investor’s funds would be paid into their holding account on this date, ready to withdraw. Investments on the platform are often spread across many different borrowers, so investors can receive their money back in several separate payments, as each borrower repays.

There are two scenarios where an investor's money may not be accessible within 30 days:

Resolution Event

If our Loan Loss Provision ('LLP') becomes depleted, all borrower payments will be collected by the LLP and distributed pro rata amongst investors. This will result in it taking longer than expected for investors to get their money back, but ensures the risk of borrower default is shared amongst all investors on the platform fairly. You can read more about this on our Protection page.

Liquidity Event

If at any stage there are not enough funds on the platform to fund drawdown requests and/or rollovers (we call this a 'Liquidity Event'), we will notify the borrower(s) that they will need to repay their loans. As borrower notice periods vary from three months up to one year, it could take longer than expected for investor funds to be repaid.


Subject to borrower repayment and liquidity. All Growth Street loans are 30 days in length.

The Loan Loss Provision we offer does not give you a right to a payment so you may not receive a pay-out even if you suffer loss. The fund has absolute discretion as to the amount that may be paid, including making no payment at all. Therefore, investors should not rely on possible pay-outs from the Loan Loss Provision when considering whether or how much to invest.

Automatic Reinvestment

When investors initially log into the investor dashboard, they will be invited to choose their reinvestment settings. You can opt to automatically reinvest your money to make the reinvestment process hassle-free. At any point, investors can turn off automatic reinvestment, and will be able to withdraw all their money as soon as borrowers repay, which should be within 30 days. The three available settings are:

Setting Definition Notes
Reinvest Principal + Earned Interest Both your principal and your earned interest are automatically reinvested on the platform. This is the most popular option, as it enables you to earn the highest possible return on your initial investment.
Reinvest just Principal Your principal is continually reinvested but your interest is paid into your holding account.
Stop reinvesting Neither your principal nor earned interest is reinvested. As borrowers repay, your funds and earned interest will be paid into your holding account for you to withdraw.

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