Please note : We are currently in a Liquidity Event and are therefore not accepting any new investors nor top ups from existing investors on our platform at present. Please refer to our Investor Terms for more information.


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Market Rate

Market Rate is the current annual rate investors are earning on matched funds. This rate assumes that all principal and interest earned is reinvested for a year, and that you are matched to borrowers throughout that time.

Deployment Rate

Deployment Rate is the percentage of investors’ funds currently matched to a borrower, earning interest. This is calculated as (Total Loans Outstanding) divided by (Total Funds Available). For example, if there were currently £9m loans outstanding, but a total of £10m available on the platform, this would give a 90% Deployment Rate.

Some of the funds on our platform, for example funds invested by our founders, will not be used until 100% of standard investor funds are matched. This helps us to maintain liquidity on the platform whilst ensuring our standard investors are matched as quickly as possible. As our standard investors will always take priority, these funds are not considered when calculating the Deployment Rate.

Current Effective Rate

Current Effective Rate is the average annual rate investors would achieve if the current Market Rate and Deployment Rate remained the same over the next 12 months. This is calculated as (Market Rate) multiplied by (Deployment Rate). This is the average amount investors would earn over a year, taking account of the time funds are not matched to borrowers, and assuming all principal and interest is reinvested over that period.

Time To Match

Current Length of Queue

This is the total number of currently unmatched lend orders placed at Market Rate. If you placed a lend order now, you would join the back of this queue.

Estimated Days to Match

This is the estimated number of days it would take to match a lend order placed now. This estimate is based on expected upcoming borrower activity, however drawdowns and repayments that borrowers make in this period may alter the Days to Match.

When Will My Order Be Matched?

Based on expected upcoming borrower activity, we can estimate when a lend order will be matched based on when it was placed. You can view your open lend orders and when each was placed under the Orders tab of the dashboard. You can then use the table below to estimate when your orders will be matched. Drawdowns and repayments that borrowers make in this period may alter the Days to Match.

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