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Growth Street sees larger investments from women

GROWTH Street has revealed that women invest more via its platform than their male counterparts.

The peer-to-peer business lender said on Friday that the average female investor puts £9,295 on the platform, which is 12 per cent higher than the average investment from men of £8,279.

The firm analysed the 1,535 investors for whom it has gender information as of 26 November 2018.

Last year, Growth Street revealed that almost 40 per cent of its active investors are under 35 years old.

“Women, who live longer than men but tend to work for fewer years, have long been at a disadvantage when it comes to investing their money,” said Julie Ashmore, commercial director at Growth Street.

“But the climate might just be changing, led by innovative fintech companies.

“In my view, if women have a diverse range of investment opportunities available to them, that has to be a good thing. At Growth Street, we’ve seen significant investment from women looking to make their money work harder, which has in turn funded the growth of ambitious British businesses.”

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“I’m happy that women see Growth Street as a sound investment opportunity,” said Greg Carter, chief executive of Growth Street.

“Financial services providers need to work harder to make their products accessible to everyone: first and foremost, it contributes to removing barriers to disenfranchisement. It also just makes good business sense.

“I hope we continue to see women backing growing UK businesses at such volume.”